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Shawna’s Dogs offers boarding seasonally from May 1st to Labor Day. Our boarding dogs are supervised around the clock, with ample room to run and play.

Enjoy your vacation or business trip with the knowledge that your pet is not sitting alone in a crate.

Boarding Requirements:

**Shawna’s Dogs can only accept spayed/neutered dogs and dog-friendly dogs in our Daycare Play Groups and thus for Boarding.  **

*A scheduled meet and greet (to evaluate your dog to make sure he/she will be a great fit for our daycare environment)

*A copy of up to date vaccinations (we require rabies and the distemper/parvo combo and accept titer information as well)

*A completed Boarding Application

*Enough food for length of stay with instructions as to how much & how often (or pay $5/feeding with ‘house food’)

*Bedding or a shirt with your scent on it*Your dog’s crate for him/her to sleep in at night

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog has separation anxiety we strongly urge you to use the services of a pet sitter or house sitter.  Bringing a dog with true separation anxiety is not safe or kind for the dog, it is stressful for the other dogs being boarded, and you may incur extreme costs to replace/repair the physical damage that your dog does to the boarding facility.  Your dog could also seriously injure themselves in attempts to escape the facility.  If you need any recommendation on excellent pet sitters, please ask!  We are always happy to help make your pups happy!

How much does it cost?

Boarding at Shawna’s Dogs costs $45/night, plus tax of course.

What does my dog need to board at Shawna's Dogs?

We recommend bringing your dog’s own crate, food dish, food (as changing food too quickly can cause upset stomach), bedding, and possibly a familiar toy (for the crate only).  Also bring any medications needed for the entire length of stay as well as a way to administer them.  For example, pill pockets for dogs who need daily pill medication.

Will my dog play with other dogs while s/he boards?

Included with Shawna’s Dogs Boarding, comes ALL DAY doggy daycare, from 6:30a – 6p.  After playing all day with his/her friends, your dog will have dinner in his/her crate, rest for about an hour or so (to rest and digest his/her food) and then get another fun play session for 1-2hrs and then retreat to his/her crate to get snuggled in for a well deserved night’s sleep! After all, they will be getting up at 5:30a to go potty and have breakfast and relax so they are ready to go for 6:30a when daycare starts all over again!

My dog doesn't like other dogs. Can s/he still board?

We are sorry but no.  Shawna’s Dogs does not have traditional kennels.  Our space is used for dogs to play with other dogs who all get along with each other.

If your dog does not like other dogs, we are happy to recommend other facilities that can accommodate your needs as well as recommend some GREAT Pet Sitters who can come and stay for the duration at your home with your dog!  Just let us know how we can help!

When do I drop off and pick up my dog?

Monday – Friday: Drop off and Pick up is between 6:30a-6p (though we recommend drop off be earlier in the afternoon at the latest so your dog can come in on their first day and play and get their energy out before having to rest for the evening.)

Saturday – Sunday:  Drop off and Pick up is between 9a – 11a unless otherwise scheduled.  While we can be flexible, we appreciate you planning on the above times. Thank you!