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We provide ‘Bath & Brush-outs’ for those dogs who don’t like to be brushed out at home but need a little help making it in between grooms without matting.  Depending on the dog and the hair, this can be the difference between a groom and a shave!

We use natural shampoos and conditioners by TropiClean.  We also diffuse Young Living Essential Oils in the grooming room to help reduce stress and create a relaxing experience for all of our clients!

Because we are a small business, and not ‘cookie cutter corporate’, we can take the time your dogs need to feel comfortable and give them a positive experience with all of their grooming needs!

For ‘undercoat removal’, our Groomer uses a ‘forced air’ blower which helps remove much more of your dog’s undercoat, in a much shorter amount of time, versus just brushing your dog at home.

For cage drying, we only use low velocity, cool air blowers.

If your dogs need special or medicated shampoo, we are happy to use what you give us for their skin and coat at no additional charge!